RoboGrinder 2018-2019 design team at Virginia Tech is an undergraduate engineering organization. Comprised of over 70 active members from various engineering disciplines, RoboGrinder competes in the DJI’s RoboMaster Competition in Shenzen (A1), China, DJI’s RoboMaster AI Challenge in Montreal, Canada (A2), and plans to compete in Lockheed Martin’s Alpha Pilot competition in 2020 (A3). To meet these rigorous competition demands, RoboGrinder annually designs and fabricates robots to overcome the various presented challenges.


3rd Prize in 2017’s DJI RoboMaster Competition.

1st Prize in 2018’s DJI RoboMaster International region Competiton.

3rd Prize in 2018’s DJI RoboMaster Ground Final Competition.

1st prize in 2019‘s DJI Robomaster International Region Competition

Mission For RoboGrinder

RoboGrinder’s mission is to empower students to utilize their traditional engineering education and apply their classroom knowledge to dynamic, ambiguous challenges. Intercollegiate competitions provide unique obstacles requiring a plethora of different engineering backgrounds to triumph. RoboGrinder has accepted the challenges of many different international intercollegiate robotics competitions and plans on expanding into more competitions in the coming years. For 2018-2019, to execute its mission statement, RoboGrinder has taken the following steps:

  • Creating mentorship pathways within the organization
  • Fully funding all prototype designs
  • Building a 1:1 ratio of the different competition playing-fields for testing purposes
  • Became Senior design project for Virginia Tech ECE and ME departments


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